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Peel P1000 bodyshell for sale.
Original Peel P1000  early 1960s bodyshell built by Peel Engineering, complete with doors boot and bonnet. Designed to fit a Ford 10 chassis but could be fitted to  more  modern mechanicals.
Gelcoat finish needs some repair to the bonnet area.
One of only six P1000s known worldwide.
£3,000 gbp


Pair of original Trident hubcaps and spinners for sale.
Original Peel Trident alloy hubcaps complete with spinners and "T" logo.
Can also be fitted to the P50 with a different spinner badge available - please ask. 
£200 gbp


Selection of original fitment "Avon knobbly" tyres and wheel rims for sale.
All Peels orignally left the factory with Avon tyres fitted as standard.
These tyres are unobtainable except for a few remaining "new old stock tyres" and a selection of wheel rims available here.

Distinctive square cut tread pattern.
New tyres £250 gbp
Used tyres from £60 gbp
Wheel rims (2 halves) £60