Peel Microcars
 Facts & figures about the tiny cars built by Peel Engineering  in Peel ,
Isle of Man, in the 1960s.
Plus lots more including where see them, pictures, events diary, cars and parts for sale, memorabilia, the Peel register, replicas, Peels in the media and much more.
  1. Peel Trident
    Peel Trident
    About 90 Tridents were built between December 1964 & December 1966. Most had the 49cc DKW engine but a few had a 99cc Triumph T10/ Tina engine and larger rear wheel.
  2. Peel P50 diecast model.
    Peel P50 diecast model.
    Lots of Peel memorabilia on the Stuff page including this limited edition P50 by ARC models.
  3. Peel p50
    Peel p50
    Peel Engineering built about 48 P50s between August 1963 and December 1964. Most Peel p50s were blue or red, however a few white ones were also sold.
Peels preparing to take part in the Peel Carnival parade 2014
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Peel line up at the Manx Transport Museum, Peel harbour in 2014