Peel Replicas

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Original Peels built in the Isle of Man in the 1960s are very rare and have become so sought after and valuable, that it was almost inevitable that  sooner or later replicas would appear.

Some people hate them, others love them, but either way it is a fact of life that they exist.

Several individuals and companies have built Peel replicas over many years.
Some vary considerably in design and appearance from the originals, whilst others are almost identical in every way.
There is a problem when replicas are passed off as original cars by unscrupulous sellers, to unsuspecting buyers who could pay over the odds for a modern reproduction without knowing.
No person or company owns the intellectual rights to the design of the Peel p50 or Trident.
  Peel Engineering (IOM) is a registered company in the Isle of Man, but is totally unconnected to the Peel Engineering UK headed by Gary Hillman and Faizal Khan who appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2010 and won the financial backing of businessman James Caan. 
So anyone could still build a Peel replica as long as they don’t upset Gary call it a Peel.
Some of the modern replicas are actually just lookalikes, using modern 4 stroke engines or battery powered elecrtic motors.
Many of them are inferior to the original cars. Extra weight and higher centres of gravity have made some of them unsafe and dangerous to drive on public roads. Their appearance is often very different to original cars with larger, fatter wheels, unsightly steering racks and disc brake assemblies on view,  many are slower and less manoeuvrable. Attention to detail is often poor. These cars are sometimes being marketed as viable road going vehicles when in reality they are just toys that are not suited to use in modern traffic.  As for safety features, if you have an accident in one you will probably be dead.
Andy Carter of Nottingham first started building accurate Peel replicas in 1984, and although now retired he has built over 60 complete cars and bodyshells  (both P50 and Trident models) in over 30 years of trading.
Mike and Steve Hurn in Leicester built a couple of bodyshells in the early 1990s.
Gary Hillman’s Peel Engineering UK started building replicas in 2009.
Rob Moor of Grasshopper Golf Buggies in Sutton-in -Ashfield, Nottinghamshire has built many cars.
Alan Evans “Bamby Cars” builds the Bamby P50 in Lincolnshire.
Jim Buggle of Pendine Motors Ltd., Upminster is now building P50s called “P50 cars”
Mansfield Extreme Vehicles (MEV) built a few.
EXO Sports cars, Nottingham, and several other companies have also had go.
I estimate that over 300 replicas and lookalikes have now been built and that number is increasing rapidly.
Here are a few examples of replicas;